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Yuvo provides high-technology businesses with management assistance and marketing expertise to leap to the next level of success.

We help companies manage key transitions including start-up, spin-outs, and restructurings.

We support successful companies to accelerate growth through product and marketing innovation, and help them introduce advanced technologies to clients worldwide.

Yuvo also supports telecom operators and government agencies to evaluate and deploy advanced networking technologies.

Our consultants have years of experience in senior management, market research, product innovation, and network deployment. We are committed to making a real impact on your success.

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Collaboration is the key to any successful consulting engagement. On the Dialogue section of this site, you’ll find additional resources to help you in your technology project.

We also offer free short phone consultations that may provide you with insights into the marketing and technology challenges you’re facing, and allow you to see if there is a good fit between us.

Please contact us through the link below if you have a question, or if you’d like to find out more about Yuvo.